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What Are IVF Success Rates in New York?

Age Range National Average Lowest Success Rate Highest Success Rate
Under 35 48.8% 12% 65.8%
35-37 44.1% 4% 75%
38-40 37.6% 9.3% 58.9%
41-42 26.6% 4.2% 42.1%
Over 43 12.0% 2.4% 31.4%

Under the age of 35, IVF success rates in New York range from 12% to 65.8%. With a 53.8% difference in success rate based on which clinic and fertility specialist you choose, it is important to research and compare your options prior to choosing where you go for treatment.

IVF Success Rate data is collected from the CDC’s 2018 Fertility Clinic Success Rates report.

IVF Options reports on live birth success rates per transfer. This tells you how many cycles with transfers result in a baby. In other cases, there are cycles where an egg is retrieved but there are no embryos to transfer or the cycle is cancelled for whatever reason. Those two scenarios are excluded in this number.

How Much is IVF in New York?

An IVF cycle in New York City ranges from $8,500 to $23,000. Use our free platform to compare clinics and costs.

Is IVF Covered by Insurance in New York?

In New York large group insurance plans covering more than 100 employees are required to cover up to three IVF cycles. Small to mid-sized companies do not guarantee IVF coverage.

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