Definitive Guide to Support Groups in the U.S.

Struggling with infertility can be hard, especially since it isn’t always easy finding people who entirely understand your experiences. Sometimes it can feel like there are very few people you can talk to, this is completely normal. In situations like this, strong support networks are very important for mental health and wellbeing. Research shows that building social connections, especially with those that can understand one another, can protect against poor mental health.

Infertility support groups can help you be a part of a group of people going through similar experiences. In these groups, everyone will understand and listen as they are all collectively joining these groups for the purpose of being supported and supporting others. There are no rules to joining an infertility support group — maybe you want some insights on doctors, information on medication side effects, or have the support that everyone needs; you can join no matter what! So here’s a list of infertility support groups we’ve covered for you:

Facebook Infertility Support Groups

Group Name Location Topic Organizer
Northern CA IVF/Infertility Support Group Sacramento, CA Infertility Jaimee Scott (Lee)
IVF Support Group Anaheim, CA IVF Nicole Johnson
Infertility Support Group Jacksonville Florida Jacksonville, FL Infertility Melissa Visyak
Orlando IVF Support Group Orlando, FL Infertility/IUI/IVF Ansley Van Epps
Florida IVF/IUI and Beyond Florida, FL Infertility/IUI/IVF Leah Brittany
Support group for pregnant or trying to conceive & Infertility Tampa, FL TTC, Infertility Alexandria Wilcox
Daily Fertility Tips – TTC, Infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, over 35… Dallas, TX TTC, Infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, over 35 Hannah Bowers
Pregnancy after Forty Private Group U.S.A. Pregnancy T Michelle Johnson
Paying for IVF National IVF Sammi Van Vleet
Trying to Conceive , Infertility & Pregnancy Support Group National Fertility / Infertility Holly Cunningham


Other Infertility Support Groups

Group Name Location Topic Organizer Website
California: (South) Bay Area Fertility Professional-led Support Group Los Gatos, CA Fertility Jamie Van Zanen, LCSW Family Tree Wellness
Fertility Challenge Support Group Los Angeles, CA Fertility Jennifer Williamson-Pagan Meet Up
Colorado Infertility Warriors Denver, CO Infertility Nicole Meet Up
California: Los Angeles/Eastside General Infertility Support Group for Women Los Angeles, CA Infertility Christiana Greene
Club Hope Infertility Support group Vancouver, WA Infertility N/A Club hope Infertility

Everyone’s experience facing infertility is different. One thing is common; the loneliness, the urge to talk, and the need for accurate information from people going through similar experiences. This is where these support groups can help – we hope our definitive guide to support groups was helpful. Check out our blog category, “Support Groups,” for more information and groups in your area!