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New York IVF Price List

A single cycle of IVF costs between $7,400 and $25,000 in New York. Compare IVF costs, success rates and reviews.

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Average Cost of IVF Treatments in New York

Consultation: $350 – $1,000.  We have negotiated free free consultations with top New York Fertility doctors.

IVF Cycle: Ranges from $7,400 – $25,000 per IVF Cycle. The average cost is $12,000. Use our free platform to compare IVF costs by clinic.

IVF Medication: Average of $4,500. Can range from $3,000 – $7,000 depending on your prescription. We offer medication discounts to save over $600.

IVF Options offers monthly payment plans to cover all treatment and medication costs. To get started, fill in the form to search clinics near you.

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