Top Infertility Support Groups

and Blogs in New York

Why infertility support groups and blogs are important

If you are struggling with infertility, it isn’t always easy finding people who entirely understand your experiences. As family and friends around you are happily building their families, it can feel like there is no one to turn to. In these instances, strong support networks are crucial for emotional health and wellbeing. Research shows that building social connections, especially with those that can understand one another, can protect against poor mental health.

Another great thing aside from having support networks during this infertility journey, is having a space for you to learn more and seek information about infertility. Infertility blogs vary on different topics which tackles from conditions, treatment, medications, experiences, etc. It can be written by a professional or an individual who’s in the same journey as you, either for sure can provide helpful information for all.

Infertility support groups and blogs allow you to be a part of a group and connect with people facing similar experiences. In support groups, everyone will understand and listen as they are all collectively joining these groups for the purpose of being supported and supporting others. In blogs, you can educate yourself more on your condition and help you find ways to maintain your well-being.

Top 5 infertility support groups in New York: 

If you think that  infertility support groups would be a good choice for you, we compiled this list of our top 5 infertility support groups in New York. Most of our infertility support groups reside on Facebook. It’s easy to sign up – all you have to do is request to join and typically answer 1-3 questions based on your personal experience. Your request is usually accepted within the same day!

 Group Name Topic Organizer Website
Long Island & NYC IUI & IVF Support Group IUI and IVF Angelique Penny Sternberger Facebook
New York Infertility Support Infertility Karin Feldman Facebook
IVF/IUI NY-NJ-CT-PA support IUI and IVF Brandice Heller Harr (Brandie) Facebook
2021 IVF/IUI Retrieval & Transfers IUI and IVF Jamie Piazza Facebook
Clomid, Femara, IVF and Infertility Support Infertility Kimberly Braden (Kimberly Surrago) Facebook

Top 5 infertility blogs in New York: 

Blog Title Author
Fertility Diaries I’m 40, Have Little Savings, & Just Spent $26K On IVF. This Is My Fertility Diary You

We hope that our list of Top 5 Infertility Support Groups and Blogs in New York can be beneficial to you – remember that everyone in the group or blog is facing similar experiences. Whether it is questions about pricing or sharing your general stories, do not be afraid to share in these platforms.