Santa Barbara Fertility Clinics

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    Compare Santa Barbara IVF Prices, Success Rates and Reviews

    There are 5 fertility clinics with 3 locations in Santa Barbara, California. IVF prices in Santa Barbara range from $5,495 to $6,850 per cycle. IVF success rates under the age of 35 range from 36.5% to 51.5%.

    With a $1,355 price difference and a 15% difference in IVF success rates, it is important to research and compare fertility clinics to find the right option for your unique needs. We recommend considering location, doctors, IVF price, success rates and patient reviews when choosing a fertility clinic.

    Santa Barbara Fertility Clinics

    What is the best fertility clinic in Santa Barbara?

    The best fertility clinic in Santa Barbara is a matter of your own personal preferences. From university teaching hospitals and more economical practices starting at $5,495 to high service boutique clinics with prices up to $6,850, the right fertility clinic is a matter of personal preference.

    How Much Does IVF Cost in Santa Barbara?

    The cost of a single IVF cycle in Santa Barbara ranges from $5,495 to $6,850 depending on which clinic you select. That’s a $1,355 price difference, depending on which clinic you choose to go for treatment at. A higher price doesn’t always correlate to better success rates or a better patient experience, so we recommend doing your research to make an informed decision.

    Typically fertility specialist consultations range from $300 to $500 and are often covered by insurance, even if you don’t have infertility coverage. Medication generally costs $3,000 to $5,000 on top of the IVF treatment cost.

    At IVF Options we provide transparency over IVF treatment costs, success rates and patient reviews so you can make an informed decision.

    IVF Success Rates in Santa Barbara

    Success rates in Santa Barbara for women under the age of 35 range from 36.5% to 51.5% per IVF cycle. That’s a 15% difference in the clinic’s ability to help their patients have babies, which greatly impacts the overall cost of your treatment.

    The IVF success rate means your likelihood of getting pregnant and delivering a baby, based on which clinic you go to. Price doesn’t always correlate to a higher success rate, so we recommend doing your research and comparing clinics and doctors.

    IVF Success Rate data is collected from the CDC’s 2018 Fertility Clinic Success Rates Report. We report on live birth success rates per transfer. This tells you how many cycles with transfers result in a baby. In other cases, there are cycles where an egg is retrieved but there are no embryos to transfer or the cycle is cancelled for whatever reason. Those two scenarios are excluded in this number.

    Use IVF Options to compare all Santa Barbara fertility clinics prices, success rates and patient reviews. You can book a consultation or request more information from the clinic.

    How to Choose a Fertility Clinic?

    When considering where to go for IVF treatment, it is important to consider:

    • Clinic location
    • Cost of IVF treatment
    • Success rate in your age range
    • Fertility doctors
    • Other patient reviews

    How to Save on IVF Treatment?

    When calculating the estimated cost of your IVF treatment, it’s important to look at both the cost of the IVF treatment, inclusions, and success rates, to understand how many treatment cycles you may need. On average, patients in the US need 2-3 treatment cycles to have a baby, bringing the overall cost up.

    You can save on IVF treatment by comparing fertility clinics on IVF Options and finding options that are affordable, with high success rates. You can also view clinics that have discounts and special offers.

    Some fertility clinics offer multi-cycle discount or refund packages. You can request more information from clinics to ask about their packages before booking a consultation, by clicking on the “Contact Clinic” button above.

    IVF Options also provides discounted rates on fertility medication, genetic testing, sperm and egg donor programs. Sign up to save up to 15% on fertility treatment.

    Take The Next Step

    The first step in starting your family is to book a consultation with a Fertility Clinic or reproductive endocrinologist in Santa Barbara. Simply click “Contact Clinic” to book a consultation or ask any questions you may have.

    If you need any help you can contact us via Live Chat or book a free call with a Fertility Advisor.


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