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Why Get an IVF Loan?

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  1. Apply Online for an IVF Loan so you can choose a clinic within budget.
  2. Compare IVF Clinics. By treatment, cost, success rate and patient reviews. Request more information from clinics to ask your questions.
  3. Book a Consultation. Choose the clinic you feel most comfortable with, and book a consultation with your chosen fertility specialist, knowing you can afford treatment.

If you have questions about potential IVF costs, you can request a free fertility chat with an Fertility Advisor. They can provide you with information about the potential IVF costs, how much you should consider applying for, and answer any other questions that you have about the process.

For more information on IVF Loans visit LightStream Fertility Financing page.


1. How much does IVF cost?

The cost of IVF treatment varies significantly by the clinic you choose for treatment and if you have insurance that covers any fertility treatment.The national average cost of IVF is $12,000 for treatment and $4,500 for medication. With that said, there are fertility clinics offering IVF from $4,990 up to $25,000 excluding the cost of medication. You can view actual treatment costs by searching fertility clinics. This does not include the cost of consultations, testing, hospital day surgery fees, medication, donors or embryo storage fees.

2. How many IVF treatment cycles will I need?

This differs greatly based on your age, fertility issues and the clinic you choose to go for treatment with. You can search fertility clinics and request more information before booking a consultation. However, to get the most accurate estimate of how much treatment will cost, you will need to have a consultation with a fertility specialist.

The national average live birth success rate across all ages is just 48.8% under the age of 35, resulting in the average patient needing approximately 1.6 cycles in order to have a baby. With that in mind, as a guide, we recommend planning for 2 treatment cycles.

3. Can I get an IVF Loan that covers multiple treatment cycles?

Yes. Through LightStream, you can apply for the total amount that you will need to cover multiple IVF cycles as well as medication, testing, consultations, donor and testing services you may need. Apply online.

4. How much will my monthly payment be?

If approved, this will depend on how much you borrow, what term you choose and the interest rate you are approved for.

Please note that IVF Options is not a lender. IVF loans are offered through LightStream. You can use the calculator on their site to estimate potential monthly payments.

5. I don’t have a fertility clinic. Can IVF Options help?

Yes. You can use IVF Options to search for fertility clinics near you and find the clinic that best meets your treatment preferences and budget. We encourage you to request more information from all clinics you are considering, before booking a consultation.

For any questions about financing, please contact LightStream.

6. Do I need to see a doctor before applying for an IVF Loan?

We can help estimate potential costs prior to choosing a fertility clinic, so you understand how much to apply for, and which clinics fit within budget. You can approved for fertility financing before choosing the doctor you wish to use. The funds will be sent directly to your bank account, so you can decide which clinic to go to after you are approved.

7. What if I don’t know how much I need to borrow?

We recommend talking to a Fertility Advisor to understand how much treatment and additional costs can come to, and what the different options are. If you receive a loan through LightStream, they do not charge any prepayment penalties. That means that if you borrow enough to cover 2 IVF cycles and you get pregnant on the first cycle, you can simply pay off the remaining funds early.

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