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We provide the Platform to Users.

Our Platform is free for you to use. We may receive a referral fee from Third-Party Providers when (and only if) you engage their Services.

The Platform is intended as a comparative shopping site where Users may consider and compare different Fertility Services at their discretion. We endeavour, in good faith and without favour, to list on the Platform all Third-Party Fertility Services Providers in United States, but we cannot be certain that the list is 100% comprehensive. We use reasonable efforts to keep the information on the Platform current and up to date.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We cannot be certain and therefore we do not warrant that every Third-Party Fertility Services Provider is listed on the Platform or that all the information on the Platform is current and up to date.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All pricing information listed on the Platform (including details of payment plans) is an estimate and may be based on the cost of Fertility Services and Fertility Loans. The estimate may be subject to approval by Lender. If you find relevant information that is incorrect, incomplete, misleading or omitted we invite you to notify us on [email protected].

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Success rate data listed on platform is based on 2020 data as reported to the CDC. This data has not been verified. A message from the CDC, “A Comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics and treatment approaches vary from clinic to clinic.”

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We do not provide medical advice. The Fertility Services are offered and provided by third parties who are independent of us. The information on the Platform (including, without limitation, a Fertility Advisor consultation which may be enabled by the Platform) is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. In all matters concerning your personal health (including, without limitation, fertility treatments and/or IVF services) we strongly recommend that you rely upon the advice of an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We are not in the business of lending money or offering other financial services. Access to any loan or payment plan is subject to the eligibility requirements of the Third-Party Loan Services Provider in each case. The estimate of repayments in any payment plan is based on information provided to us by a Third-Party Loan Services Provider who is independent from us. Payment plans are subject to eligibility criteria of the Third-Party Loan Services Provider. Loan approval is in the discretion of the Third-Party Loan Services Provider. Individual repayments may differ based on the terms of the Loan Services and the amount borrowed.

We source and curate information about Fertility Services and Third-Party Service Providers and display this information on the Platform. We source this information from Third-Party Service Providers via phone call, websites and reports which are publicly available.

We do not independently verify the information on the Platform and we make no promise about the accuracy of the information provided or the benefit to be derived from using such information. You need to take this into account when forming your own view about relying on the information and the extent to which you need to verify the accuracy and completeness of the information from other sources.

We are not responsible for any communication, interaction or relationship between you and a Third-Party Provider listed displayed on the Platform, whether or not it occurs on the Platform or by another means.

We may, at any time, enhance and/or alter the features of the Platform at our sole discretion and without notice to you.


If you have any questions or feedback regarding information on the Platform, we invite you to contact us:

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Last Updated: March 11, 2020