How Do I Use My Prescription Savings Card?

  1. Show your card to your fertility clinic and tell them to send your prescription to MDR Pharmacy.
  2. Call MDR Pharmacy at 1- 800-515-3784 and provide your Member ID on the card.
  3. The pharmacy will confirm the amount of your discount and the total amount of your order. Provide them with your payment details. Once processed, your order will be shipped to you.

What if I need more than one round of IVF?

Although, your prescription benefits card is limited to one use per purchase IVF Options can/will provide you with a new benefit card/code to use when you are ready to purchase medication necessary for your next IVF cycle.

You will need to contact your Fertility advisor via phone, email, or text to let them know you are about to begin a new cycle. Your fertility advisor will then go through the previous steps and create your new prescription benefit card. We will then email and/or text you your new benefits card to you. Once you receive your benefit card you will then complete steps 1-3 again.

Receive Prescription Savings Card from IVF Options when you book a consultation through our site or with one of our fertility advisors. We have partnered with MDR Pharmacy to provide discounted medication rates to our self-pay members.

Terms and Conditions

Digital Prescription Savings Card will be sent via email to qualifying patients after consultation is confirmed.

Prescription Savings Card can only be used at MDR Pharmacy ( The Prescription Savings Card is valid only when user has booked a consultation through IVF Options (

Savings is based on a standard IVF cycle containing 2100 IU of Follistim AQ, 1125 IU of Menopur, and 6 Ganirelix Acetate prefilled syringes. For prescriptions containing lower amounts, prorated discounts will be applied.

Only valid for cash pay patients. Not valid with insurance. Cannot be combined with any other pharmacy offers. Cannot be transferred. Limit of one use per purchase. Only valid for the patient name and fertility clinic listed on the Prescription Savings Card.

Donor Services

We’ve partnered with Cyros International to offer exclusive donor benefits for our member’s.

They boast the highest number of registered pregnancies in the world with a 79% pregnancy rate.

Donor Sperm Benefits:

We have negotiated a discount of 13% on donor sperm with Cryos International.

This will save you anywhere from $27.69 to $289.12 on donor sperm through IVF Options.

Prices range from $213 (Non ID Release donor, 1 straw) to $1,112 (ID release donor, 1 straw)

*Most patients purchase a minimum of 2 straws

Discount Code: IVFOSPRM (13% discount)

You can view donor profiles for free on


Donor Egg Benefits:

We have negotiated a discount of 10% on donor eggs from Cryos International.

This will save you up to $1,500 on donor eggs through IVF Options.

They offer a package that includes 6 donor eggs for only $12,420

1 guaranteed blastocyst with the purchase of 6 donor eggs or more

You have the option to purchase 1 single donor egg at $2,070

*all prices include the IVF Options 10% off

Discount Code: IVFOEGGS (10% discount)

Sign up for free to view egg donor profiles on

How Do I Use My Cyros International IVF Options code?

  1. Go to Cryos International’s website and Choose your donor-Whether you are choosing a sperm donor or an egg donor they have a great number of profiles for you to peruse. If you are looking for a specific type of donor you can scroll through their filters to choose the best fit for you.
  2. Order now and/or reserve for future- Once you have chosen your donor you will have the option to purchase now and/or reserve for the future. Click the amount you wish to order and/or reserve and then click “add to basket”. After you put the order in your basket you have the option to continue shopping or proceed to checkout.
  3. Create an account and/or login-In order to check out with your purchase you will have to sign in or log into your account. After creating a Cryos account using your email, you will be sent a verification email in your inbox, remember to check your spam or junk box too. Once you confirm your email address you will need to log in to get back to your basket and complete your purchase.
  4. Review your order and choose shipping options-At this step you will be able to view your order and input your information for shipping and delivery. Input your address, phone number and date of birth. Then you can choose the date that we will ship your gametes to you or your clinic. This is also when you will input your IVF Options coupon code (IVFOEGGS or IVFOSPRM) if you do not input the code you will not receive your discounted benefit.
  5. Confirm your order and shipping-Once you have input all your correct information press confirm. You will then review your invoice where you can see the delivery address, description of your order and the order total. Scroll down to the bottom, read and accept the terms and conditions then press “buy now”.
  6. Purchase-After clicking “buy now” you will be directed to the payment details page where you can see the order ID and the amount. Here is where you input your credit card information. Once all the correct information is typed into the fields press “pay”. An email will be sent to you with your invoice.