Fertility Benefits with IVF Options

Save on medication, donor services, fertility treatments, and more when you book a consultation with us.

Fertility Benefits Overview

Our mission is to help the 74% of Americans without insurance coverage get more affordable access to fertility treatment.

Because of this, we have worked hard to negotiate exclusive pricing with our partners on a range of fertility benefits for our members.

These benefits include discounts and offers on:

                        • Fertility medication
                        • Donor sperm
                        • Donor Egg(s)
                        • Genetic testing
                        • IVF Treatment
                        • Egg Freezing

Pharmacy Benefits Card

We also offer a pharmacy benefits card that is exclusive to our members only.

We worked hard to negotiate very competitive pricing just for you.


You can save up to $607 on your fertility medication when using the IVF Options benefits card.

Get your Prescription Savings Card when you book a consultation through our site with one of our dedicated fertility advisors.

The prescription savings card can only be used at MDR pharmacy.

Special Rates on Donor Services

We’ve partnered with Cryos International Sperm and Egg bank for exclusive pricing just for our members. You can save anywhere from 10-13% on sperm and egg donor services.

About Cryos International :

Being an international company, Cryos supplies frozen donor sperm and eggs to more than 100 countries worldwide. They have the world’s largest selection of ID Release and Non-ID Release donors. They also boast the highest number of registered pregnancies in the world.

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