Fertility Testing FAQ

All fertility tests are billed direct to your insurance. You are responsible for any co-pays on tests. If a test is not covered by your insurance, you have the choice to pay for that test out of pocket.

Male & Female Blood Tests
A comprehensive panel of male and female blood tests will be conducted including AMH, FSH, TSH and a full STI panel. In women, these tests are used to understand the patient’s ovarian reserve and if she ovulates.

Cost: generally covered by insurance. If co-pay applies generally under $30.

Transvaginal Ultrasound
The transvaginal ultrasound is used to look at your ovaries, endometrial lining, and uterus. Can be done at any imaging center or OB/GYN office.

Cost: generally covered by insurance. Approximately $200 if not.

Semen Analysis
Semen analysis is an optional test used to test for male-factor infertility, including sperm count and motility. Can be done at most Labcorp locations.

Cost: generally not covered by insurance. Average cost $125.

A hysterosalpingography an X-ray test to outline the internal shape of the uterus and show whether the fallopian tubes are blocked. Can be done at most imaging centers.

Cost: insurance coverage depends on state. If not covered approximately $400.


Do I need health insurance?

Yes. We bill labs direct to your insurance. We accept any US health insurance to cover the cost of labs. Medicaid or Medicare can be used.

How much does it cost?

We charge a $150 fee which includes ordering of fertility tests, sending lab technicians to your home to conduct blood tests, and meeting with a fertility specialist online to review your results and get a treatment recommendation.

When will I get tested?

Once your test is ordered, we will submit the request to our testing partner Lab Bioreference. They will contact you within 2 business days to organize a time to come to your home or work to conduct tests. Generally test results are ready within 1 week.

When will my fertility specialist consultation be?

Generally we will schedule your virtual specialist consultation with Dr. Olcha 2 weeks from the time you order your test, to ensure test results are back in time.

What tests does it include?

It includes complete male and female blood tests, conducted by Scarlett Health your home. Dr. Olcha will also provide generic referrals for semen analysis, ultrasound and HSG that you can choose to have done prior to your consultation at any center in The US.

How will I attend the consultation?

Dr. Olcha will provide you with a zoom link to attend your virtual consultation before your consultation.

What if I need IUI or IVF?

Dr. Olcha will provide you with a verbal and written treatment recommendation after reviewing your test results. If you are recommended to get IUI or IVF, a Fertility Advisor will assist you at finding a local fertility clinic that meets your needs and budget.

Why should I do a virtual consultation instead of going in to a local fertility clinic?

Most of the time it takes a few weeks just to get an appointment with a fertility specialist, without having any testing done. Once you have that consult, you then get tested and have to wait to get those labs back. On average, that process costs $1,250 without insurance.

We are offering a fast, easy process to get tested and to understand your treatment options before going into a fertility clinic. Understand all of your treatment options with a specialist, before jumping into any expensive treatments.

How much do the optional tests cost?

  • Transvaginal Ultrasound is generally covered by insurance. Out of pocket costs without insurance generally are under $300. This can be done at any OB/GYN or radiology center in The US.
  • Semen analysis costs an average of $125 and can be done at most Labcorp locations across The US. This is not included in our package cost.
  • HSG is generally covered by insurance. For patients without coverage, it generally costs less than $450. This can be done at any radiology center in The US.

If I have optional tests, how do I submit the results?

If you have optional tests done at external centers including ultrasound, semen analysis or HSG the tests will be sent back to Dr. Olcha. We also recommend requesting a copy of your test results personally from the testing lab.

What if I already have tests done?

If you have valid fertility tests, conducted in The US from within the last 12 months, you can proceed direct to a virtual or in-person consultation. The cost of the consultation is $150.

Have any other questions? 

You can text or call our Fertility Advisors free of charge at anytime on (917) 905-9460. If you prefer email, reach us on info@ivfoptions.com

Have Any Questions?

Text or call (917) 905-9460 to speak to a Fertility Advisor for free.