How Much Does IVF Cost in 2023?

How Much Does IVF Cost?

Our definitive guide provides an overview of IVF costs, hidden fees, and payment options and ways to save on IVF treatment and medication. You can search IVF prices and success rates near you.

Treatment Cost Only Makes up a Portion of Total Cost 

IVF costs provided by many clinics often do not include fees for additional services. Most of these services are an essential part of fertility treatments, so knowing how much they cost is important in making an informed decision.


Before you receive a treatment, you and your partner will need to schedule a consultation with one of the fertility specialists at your chosen clinic. This can be done in person at a fertility clinic, or it can be done online.

If you go into a clinic, the average cost of a new patient consultation is $500 and may be covered by insurance, if you have hit your deductible and the selected clinic is in-network with your insurance. This does not include the lab fees to order fertility tests, any co-pays on tests, or your follow-up consultation to review your test results an understand your treatment options. Generally, going through a traditional fertility clinic will cost an average of $1,000+ and take an average of 3 months to get a diagnosis.

Alternatively, many patients are choosing to order fertility tests online and review their test results with a fertility specialist over telehealth because it is faster and much more affordable. It costs $150 with labs billed to insurance and you can meet with a doctor online in as fast as 1 week. Click here to order your fertility tests online.

Preliminary Tests

Your fertility specialist may arrange several preliminary tests for you and/or your partner to determine what treatments are suitable. These tests may include:

  • Female blood tests (AMH, FSH, LH and a full panel of hormones)
  • Transvaginal ultrasound
  • HSG (X-ray to check if your fallopian tubes are blocked)
  • Semen analysis for men

You can usually use your insurance to cover the cost of initial diagnostic tests, except semen analysis.


Medication is not only required before the initial IVF cycle, but also subsequent cycles even during frozen embryo transfers.

The cost of these medications will inevitably accumulate and are unfortunately not included in treatment costs. The average cost of medication is $4,500, however it can range from $3,000 to $7,000 depending on your treatment protocol.


Some clinics charge a fee for anesthesia to do the egg retrieval. In general this fee can range from $500 to $1,000.

IVF Treatment

In The United States IVF is generally not covered by insurance. The average cost of IVF is more than $12,000 per IVF cycle, not including consultations, medication, anesthesia, genetic testing, storage of embryos, frozen embryo transfers, or donor services.


ICSI incurs additional costs ranging from $1,000 to $2,000. This means you can expect IVF with ICSI to cost around $13,000.

The cost of IVF and ICSI are often not disclosed separately partly due to clinics offering them as a package to increase success rates.

As mentioned before, patients have the ability to choose their own laboratory. This is essential for IVF/ICSI not only because the decision affects cost, but also you chance of success. Ultimately, it is the laboratory who is responsible for IVF not the clinic. Higher success rate leads to less cycles and hence lower overall cost.

Genetic Testing – PGT-A

Approximately 75% of patients that get IVF choose to undergo further genetic testing referring to as PGT. This means once their embryos are created through IVF, the embryos are then biopsied and tested for genetic abnormalities to determine which embryos have the best chance of leading to a healthy and successful pregnancy.

The average cost of genetic testing is $5,000 per IVF cycle.

Embryo Freezing & Transfer

A single IVF cycle can produce multiple embryos. Whilst the strongest embryo is transferred into the woman’s womb, the rest are usually stored at low temperatures for future use. Embryo freezing allows subsequent IVF cycles to be conducted without the need for additional egg extraction. This avoids unnecessary surgery costs if the first IVF cycle is unsuccessful.

However, embryo freezing and storage incur additional costs at most clinics. Further, frozen embryo transfer (FET) using these embryos is often considered a separate treatment to IVF, so it also incurs additional costs. The average cost of a FET is $4,000.

Example IVF Cycle Costs

Estimated treatment and additional out-of-pocket costs for 1 IVF cycle at a mid-priced clinic in the US.

Item Estimated Cost
Consultation & Testing $1,000
Medication $4,500
IVF Treatment $12,000
PGT $5,000
Total $22,500

A single IVF cycle costs around $22,500. Different insurance policies provide various extent of coverage. Additionally, while clinics quote IVF in terms of ‘cycles’, the national average live birth success rate under the age of 35 is 48%, meaning most women in the US will need two IVF cycles in order to have a baby.

Making Fertility Affordable

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