Fertility Medication Offer

Download your fertility medication voucher from MDR Pharmacy.

How Do I Order Fertility Medication?

Following your consultation with a fertility specialist, you will receive a treatment quotation for medical treatment as well as a prescription from the doctor.  The prescription will provide a breakdown of the medication recommended, however the cost of the prescription will vary based on where you order your medication from.

Typically, the nurses at the clinic will send the prescription to the pharmacies they normally use. You are able to price shop your prescription or ask the nurse to send it to your preferred pharmacy.

IVF Options has partnered with MDR Pharmacy to offer a $139 pharmacy voucher card on fertility medication. We recommend that you print and take the voucher with you to your consultation and ask the nurse to send the prescription to MDR Pharmacy.

To redeem Medication Voucher:
1. Have your clinic send your prescription to MDR Pharmacy.
2. Call MDR at 1 (800) 515-3784 and use the code IVFOPTIONS.
3. The Voucher will be applied to your order and shipped to you.

Minimum order applies. Cannot be combined with other offers.

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