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How We Collect Data

At IVF Options our mission is to help patients find the right treatment for their unique needs. We do this by providing transparency over key metrics that matter most including IVF success rates, patient reviews and treatment prices.

We encourage and welcome feedback from previous patients, support groups and fertility clinics. Before continuing we recommend you review our disclaimer.

IVF Success Rates

IVF Success Rate data is collected from the CDC’s 2018 Fertility Clinic Success Rates report.

IVF Options reports on live birth success rates per transfer. This tells you how many cycles with transfers result in a baby. In other cases, there are cycles where an egg is retrieved but there are no embryos to transfer or the cycle is cancelled for whatever reason. Those two scenarios are excluded in this number.

Where you see blanks on a chart, the clinic has done fewer than 20 cycles in that category and age range in the reporting year, so the CDC says showing percentages from that small data set would be misleading and unreliable. The CDC cautions that success rates should not be used to compare doctors and clinics.

Clinic Locations & Doctors

Clinic locations and doctors are collected from the CDC’s 2018 Fertility Clinic Success Rates report, clinics’ websites and Google Places.


Clinic reviews are collected from Google Places. For clinics with more than one location, we show reviews for the registered head office.

Treatment Prices

Treatment prices are collected in a variety of ways in effort to provide prospective patients with as much pricing information as possible. This includes collecting information from clinic websites, calling clinics, receiving feedback from previous patients and receiving price lists from clinics.

Share Your Feedback

At IVF Options we welcome all feedback that can help us make our platform better for prospective patients.

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