Save $ on Your Prescription

Download this Pharmacy Benefits Card from MDR Pharmacy to save on fertility medication. Amount varies by state, with a minimum of $288 savings on qualifying orders.

How Do I Use My Pharmacy Benefits Card?

  1. Show your card to your fertility clinic and tell them to send your prescription to MDR Pharmacy.
  2. Call MDR Pharmacy at 1- 800-515-3784 and provide your Member ID on the card.
  3. The pharmacy will confirm the amount of your discount and the total amount of your order. Provide them with your payment details. Once processed, your order will be shipped to you.

What if I need more than one round of IVF?

Although your prescription benefits card is limited to one use per purchase, IVF Options can provide you with a new Pharmacy Benefits Card if you require another cycle of IVF. Reach out to us on [email protected] or (305) 745-7694 to request another a new card.

Terms & Conditions: Digital Pharmacy Benefits Card will be sent via email to qualifying patients after consultation is confirmed. Pharmacy Benefits Card can only be used at MDR Pharmacy.

Savings is based on a standard IVF cycle containing 2100 IU of Follistim AQ, 1125 IU of Menopur, and 6 Ganirelix Acetate prefilled syringes. For prescriptions containing lower amounts, prorated discounts will be applied. Only valid for cash pay patients. Not valid with insurance. Cannot be combined with any other pharmacy offers. Cannot be transferred. Limit of one use per purchase. Only valid for the patient name and fertility clinic listed on the Pharmacy Benefits Card.