How Much Does Fertility Testing Cost?

Options for Getting Fertility Testing

We have thousands of people visiting IVF Options every month to compare IVF prices and success rates. What we’ve learned in helping them, is that the large majority have not had complete fertility testing done.

Before price shopping for IVF or egg freezing, it’s important to get tested and review your results with a doctor to understand your diagnosis and treatment options. While IVF is the most effective fertility treatment we have (in terms of pregnancy and live birth success rates), it is also the most expensive and invasive. Many people are able to get pregnant without IVF once they get tested and understand what is going on in their bodies.

There are two ways to get a clinical fertility diagnosis and treatment recommendation: first is going into a traditional fertility clinic, and second is ordering fertility testing online. We’ll explore the differences in timeline, cost and process of each.

Traditional Fertility Clinic

  • Average wait time: 3 months
  • Average cost for initial consultation: $500
  • Lab fees: $300
  • Follow-up consultation: $200
  • Average cost to order testing & get diagnosis: $1,00+ with insurance

Many patients use IVF Options to search local fertility clinics and request an initial patient consultation. For most reproductive endocrinologists, a new patient consultation will take place 2-3 months from the request.

How it Works:

  1. The patient (and his/her partner) will go in person to the clinic and meet with the fertility specialist for 45 minutes to 1 hour, before having any testing done. This generally costs $350-$500 but can cost upwards of $1,000 for some high profile clinics. This consult is focused on the specialist getting patient history and background and discussing potential treatment options.
  2. The patients then go away and get tested, often times this is done in the fertility clinic – but in some cases this is done at a local lab or imaging center.
  3. Once the test results are in, usually in 1-2 weeks, the patient has to then book, pay for, and go back in person for a follow-up consultation. This normally takes 1-2 weeks to get the follow-up consult. It generally costs less, approximately $150 (but this does vary greatly by clinic) and the time with the specialist is around 15 minutes to discuss test results and for the reproductive endocrinologist to provide the patient with a treatment recommendation.
  4. Once the specialist provides the recommendation, the patient usually meets with a financial counsellor to go through a treatment quotation and discuss payment options – which are debit, credit or a loan.

For many patients, this process is scary, expensive and uncomfortable. Not knowing how much it will cost or if they’ll be pressured into expensive treatment prevents a lot of people from even getting started. Which is why we built the first Virtual Fertility Clinic.

Virtual Fertility Clinic

Order in-home fertility testing + review test results online with a doctor for just $150 with any insurance.

  • Average wait time: 2 weeks
  • Average cost for initial consultation: $0 – order tests online first
  • Average cost to order testing & diagnosis: $150 with any health insurance

Patients order fertility testing online for just $150 with any valid health insurance. This fee includes ordering of the tests, full male and female bloodwork done by lab technicians in your home, and generic referrals for ultrasound, HSG and semen analysis if applicable, which can be done at local labs. It also includes your virtual consultation with a fertility doctor online to get your test results and treatment recommendation.

The fee does not include the cost of semen analysis (usually $100-$150 self pay), ultrasound – generally billed to insurance (usually $150 self pay), and HSG generally billed to insurance (usually $400 self pay). It’s also important to note that if your health insurance has a co-pay on labs, you may be charged a co-pay for your bloodwork, this is usually under $30.

How It Works:

  1. The patient orders fertility testing online for $150 and inputs both partners insurance information.
  2. Lab technicians visit patient homes to conduct male and female blood tests that is included in the fee. If patient elects to get optional tests including semen analysis, ultrasound and HSG, they are provided a generic referral and can go into a local lab imaging center to complete those tests.
  3. Once all tests are completed and results are in (usually in 1 week), we schedule the virtual consultation with a fertility doctor.
  4. Patients attend the virtual consultation online to review test results with the doctor and receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
  5. If recommended to undergo fertility treatment in person such as IVF or IUI, our Fertility Advisors will help you find a local fertility clinic. Your test results and treatment recommendation will be sent to the local clinic, and we will schedule you a consultation with a fertility specialist, that is effectively the second consultation.

Some patients prefer starting with a clinic that they intend to go for treatment at and want to go in-person. Others prefer the fast, affordable process of ordering fertility testing online and having a virtual consultation to discuss their test results.

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However you decide to get started, we’re here to help. You can text or call (917) 905-9460 if you have any questions.